• High School (and some Middle School) Sports – I’ll follow your kid around from sport to sport all school year long!
  • DVD video shows customized with music (Memorial DVD’s for funerals; reunions; High School sports (athletes) suitable for graduation, etc.
  • All sorts of racing – snowmobile, hill climbs, skiing, mud boggs, etc.
  • Customized posters, prints, stationery, invitations, thank-you cards, graduation everything
  • Buttons, magnets, hard covered books, frosted beer steins, mouse pads, cutting boards, flasks, wall clings, fat heads, trader cards, the list goes on!

Photography by Joanie Moore covers local sporting events, breaking news, community news events for the media and local fire districts.  My work is often used by emergency first responders for training and educational purposes.   You’ll see photos in the local newspapers and occasionally on television.  Our favorite events are festivals, events, races, sports and school functions.

Our coverage area is expanding!  Although we are based in Mancelona, our cameras go all over northern Michigan and into various schools.  Just let us know when and where your team is playing, and we’ll get there if at all possible!