SMSC Digital File Sale

I can’t drive 55! And if you race at the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge, chances are – you can’t drive 55, either! So let’s get rollin’ and send some awesome specials your way!  It’s the “I can’t drive 55” sale.  Select any 5 of your favorite photos from the past 10 years Snow Challenge and get the digital copies for just $55!  Any 5 for $55.  It’s easy — just go through the folders and keep track of the full file name shown BELOW the image – they start with the year/month/date and description then the image number.  This is what I need.  Send me your list of 5, and paypal $55 to my account and within minutes, you’ll have the high resolution digital images in your in-box!  Send me a message if you have questions or need assistance.

Here’s the link to the SMSC folders.  But hurry!  This “I can’t drive 55,  get 5 for $55 offer expires — you guessed it – on Cinco De Mayo!   5/5/2018.